Surplus Auction

Lassen County Waterworks Dist.1

This page describes auctions held by Lassen County Waterworks, Dist. 1

located in Bieber California.

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Auction 1 is for a lot of swamp mat (metal roadway).

Auction 1,  Highest bid is $350, Jan 31, 2016 from Krsto,

Auction 2 is for a Novo one cylinder gas engine powered diaphragm pump.

Auction 2, has been won for $50  Jan 23, 2016 by

Auction 3 a Wisconsin VE4 engine with clutch and geared power takeoff.

Auction 3, has been won for $55, Jan 25,2016 by

Auction 4 is for pickup truck with blown engine.

Auction 4, Highest bid is $570, Feb 5, 2016 from Oscar,

Auction Directions:IMPORTANT: Lassen County Waterworks has no equipment to tow or load any goods won at auction.  The winner is responsible for removal with his/her own equipment.  We will reasonably co-operate in the removal. All items are sold as "As Is".  We will not ship the item, you must pick it up yourself.

1) Bids are open, meaning the highest bid received for each auction will be posted above as they are received.  The email address (identification of the bidder) will also be shown with the bid.

2) When there are no bids received for 5 days, the highest bid will be the winner. The winners email address will be shown above along with the winning bid.

3) You may place your bid by emailing to Please put the word AUCTION on the subject line.

4) You must identify yourself by having a return email address AND your location (city/state).  You need not use your real name.

5) You may bid as many times as you wish.

6) We will not do automatic bidding, meaning we will not automatically increase your bid till your limit.  Just watch the site every day and rebid if you wish.

7) You may contact any bidders by their email address.

8) Inspection of the lots is encouraged.  Questions will be answered by email or telephone or in person.  A map showing the item location is included on this auction announcement.

9) The winning bidder is required to pay the bid amount by U.S. Postal Money Order made out to Lassen County Waterworks, Dist. 1. Checks or cash canot be accepted. The amount should be in our hands within 2 weeks of the winners announcement.

10) Winnings may not be removed until payment is made.

11) This page will be updated periodically (typically every day or whenever a new bid is received).

12) All sales are final. No refunds will be made.

13) No warantys of any kind are made by the district. The accuracy of the description of the goods not guaranteed.

Exceptions and remedies:

1) If payment not received within two weeks of winning, (14 calandar days) the winner will forfeit his winnings.  The next highest bidder will be declared the winner

2) If the won goods are not removed within 4 weeks  (28 calandar days) after payment the goods will be offered to the next highest bidder.  Money will not be refunded and the next highest bidder can claim the goods or  what is left, without payment. We are trying to clean up!

Bottom line is that the water district is trying to clean up and get rid of some unwanted items.  The rules stated above give us the final authority, but we actually will bend the rules a bit so long as it is fair for all involved.  Example, snow makes removal difficult, or your truck breaks down and you need more time to remove goods, we will extend!