Big Valley Days 2007 in Adin?

February 9, 2007
Big Valley CA.

The annual Big Valley Days has been a tradition in Big Valley for as long as most can remember. It has always been held in alternate years in Adin and in Bieber. This year is Bieber's turn but plans are under way to hold the celebrations in Adin. This year's theme is "Have a Blast".

Several Bieber residents have expressed dismay over this and are wondering why the long tradition of alternating is being broken. The reason given by organizers is that the Swimming Pool house and playground under construction will not leave

enough room to hold celebrations on the Memorial Hall's grounds. 

The construction does not seem to be a problem as it is in an area which was never used during the last Bieber Big Valley Days and is well fenced off. There is lot's of room.

Some bieber residents have expressed the the feeling of discrimination and a possible rivalry developing between the towns. Big Valley is thought of as one community and we should continue this. Concerned citizens, not only in Bieber, but in Adin and surrounding areas can make their feeling known by calling Paula Copp at 530 299-3300.