Big Valley Days Parade

4 men in uniform carry an American Flag. They are leading a parade.

Leading the parade was the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Carl Parks

(on the right) is a World War 2 Marine who fought in the Pacific.

July 10, 2010
Adin CA.

The keynote events of the annual Big Valley Days celebtation are the parade and the Logging Contest. The parades have been getting smaller for the past few years, but was still enjoyed by everyone.

This year the parade was taken down Main Street in Adin and it started as soon as the Highway Patrol closed down Hwy 299 for the duration. Lennie Eades, a very long time resident of Big Valley was the announcer and moderator. Lading the parade was the local V.F.W. then followed by..........

A Ford Model T, very parade worthy.

a Ford Model "T"

Young girls doing the majorettes thing.

followed by Andrea Fitts and her Little Miss Ma Jorettes

Sign Carriers are Nattei Fitts, Megal McKinley
Flag Twirlers are Alecia Fitts, Page James
Majorettes are Emily Azevedo, Kassidie Fitts, Joanna
Chavez, Channon Lilburn, Julianna Davies, Lauren
Farber, Bridge Escalante, Katyn Davies & Maria Tankersly

Every year, the Big Valley Lions Club presents a "Lion of the Year" and a "Citizen of the Year" award, and those chosen not only get a nice dinner from the Lions, but get to present themselves to their neighbors in the parade.

An old yellow Plymouth convertable is the place of honor for the Lion of the year.

It's Jim Knapp, from Adin, who was voted "Lion of the Year"

In her old convertable, is our lady citizen of the year.

Becky Albough, is Lion's Citizen of the Year.

IPretty young thing on a brown horse.

Randi Johnson and her friend.

Boy spinning lasso and kids on stick horses.

Randi lerd this group.

Black carriage drawn by 2 beautiful draft horses

Petersen Ranch, Fall River Mills did this one

Clydesdale Guildings pulling a Victorian carriage.

The winners in each catagory were:

Commercial - Copp's Irrigation Inc:

Drill Team - Andrea Fitts

Civic Organization - Adin Fire Protection District

Service Organization - Becky Albaugh, Kristie Dodgen, Julie  Gagon

Civil Agency - Jim Miguel Modoc National Forest

Novelty - The Scarlet Plums

Farm Equipment - William Shepherd

Horse Drawn - Spencer Thomas

 Mounted Single - Vince - Pattie & Dakota Ellison/Helen Albaugh

Mounted Group- Randi Johnson