The 2010 Logging Show

A tall thin young man stands with a throwing axe by the big wooden target.

Bryon Dodgen, best all around logger.

July 10, 2010, Adin CA. (at Copps Irrigation)

There are 2 events which seem to draw the biggest audience and generate the biggest cheers. The morning parade down the main street is one, the Logging Contest is the other.

This year drew a big crowd, one reason was the perfect weather unlike the 2009 windy day. There are many events, some of which are designed for experienced loggers and many designed for young folks with their adult partners. The events with kids seem to draw the most audience cheers!

This year was a bit different as long time Big Valley resident and old logger, Lennie Eades only won one contest, the Steeple Chase. Previous years Lennie beat out much younger contestants and seemed to steal the whole show. Lennie is getting a bit older now! Lennie and his brother Buzz Eades were the moderators of this event.

The annual logging contest is an important tradition for Big

Valley and it continues to be a popular event and part of the annual Big Valley Days celebration.

Results of Big Valley Days Logging show:

All Around Logger title went to Bryon Dodgen of Adin.   The All Around Logger title goes to the person garnering the most prize money.Bryon was joined in the competition by his son Thomas and Daughter, Shelly.  The competition allows for young folks to enter.

First Place results of all events:

An old sawmill chip burning Tipi is the site for the contest.

Quite a crowd!

A big log and a big 2 man saw being handled by Dad and daughter.

Jack and Jill Buck

Young lady throws axe at a round target.

Top score is the beer can in the middle!

The axe throw is a great crowd pleaser. Closer to center, higher score, hit the beer can for the highest.

Father and son with big log and big saw

Great to see young loggers do their thing!

Note the can of WD40 to lube the saw.

Another youngster with dad.

Ladies sitting busy at a table keeping track....

The unsung heros, the score keepers

and they didn't have time to watch and enjoy!

Lady in yellow professional outfit with hardhat and big chainsaw

Look at the chips fly! This contest uses some skill and requires accurate sawing!

Man wit chainsaw balanced on end of log, sawing!

Why it's not a good idea to drink too much beer.