Big Valley Days Parade

Bieber CA, August 7, 2005
Copyright 2005

It was a warm day, but not too hot.  People had already gathered in the park and were waiting for the big event of Big Valley Days, the parade to start.  The parade entrants lined up around he corner on Juniper Street, out of sight of the main crowd.  At 10:30, Harry Boulade, a local talk show host from Alturas Radio station KCNO started his live broadcast and announcements of the days events.

Harry Boulade Harry Boulade of Radio KCNO with Bitsy at the announcers stand.

Harry Boulade of KCNO Radio in Alturas

Opening the parade was a flyover by a powered hang glider from Fall River Mills.

A powered hang glider directly above with "para-wing"

Opening the parade!

Then the parade started, led by the Big Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) carrying the American flag and a VFW flag on the jeeps.

Old Army jeeps with veterans driving down Bridgew St.

The VFW contribution.

We then saw Willy Shepard, who has a fine collection of old farm machinery towing a hay trailer loaded with youngsters.  Willy lives out in Lookout and has a yearly show and tell and party at his place wher he shares the old machinery and food with visitors.

Old tractor towing a trailer with hay and children

Almost an old fashion Hay-ride!

Here we see Willy driving the iron wheeled Case tractor

Old Mr. Shepard driving the old tractor.

Mr Shepard driving the tractor.

This "cow" came next, made by kids at the Big Valley Family Resource Center (BVFRC)

A cardboard cow.

Youngsters at BVFRC made this cow out of milk cartons.

and not to be out done, the old folks made this cow to publicize the 50's + club (a senior nutrition center)

A "cow" on wheels.

The 50's plus club also had an entry.

Scarlet plums, showed their stuff

A float labeled "Scarlet Plums" with elegant ladies on board.

The Scarlet Plums float,  a local club, with elegant ladies on board.

followed by Big Valley twins (the only ones in town?)

Local twin girls tow their decorated wagon.

Local twins.

Here is the fire truck used at our electricity generating plant near the Red Barn

An older but still usable fire truck labeld "Big Valley Power"

Big Valley Power has their own emergency equipment.

and of course Smokey (the horse) pulling his family dressed in style.

An arabian horse pulling a wagon with Husband, wife and daughter dressed in old western garb.

Smokey (the horse) and friends.

Horses without wagons are also welcome

A young lady with mom.  Youngster riding horse, mom walking.

A local with horse and rider.

as are helicopters.  CDF usually avoids the downtown area when going to a fire, but the pilot was nice enough to ignore this "rule" and did a short pass over the parade.  This was not a scheduled parade entry, but a real fire dispatch.

A CDF Helicopter directly overhead.

CDF generally avoids direct over town flights, but a real fire call took off over the parade!

US Forestry service showed off their brand new truck

Brand new US Forestry Service fire truck.

This truck is BRAND NEW!

an then this brand new 2005 model luxury automobile rolled by

An old (1930's) car, nicely spiffed up.

The oldest car around town!

Car Parks, a local realtor, resident and supporter of the Big Valley museum was lucky to get the historic fire truck running.  A few minutes before this shot, Carl was very upset with the stalled engine, but after a tow from a parade tractor, he re-entered the parade with a loud BANG!

Old Carl Parks driving the museum Bieber Fire Truck.

Our backup fire truck for the town of Bieber.