Big Valley Power down but not out!

A long section of the damaged conveyor belt and nechahnism is being lowered to the ground by crane.

The last section of the damaged conveyor has just been cut away from the fuel towers on the right.

It is being lowered to the ground for trucking to a repair facility.

Bieber California, 14 April 2005

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Only a few days after a disastrous fire which destroyed the fuel feed conveyor and two buildings, Big Valley Power has removed the last section of the damaged conveyor belt.  As you can see in the above picture, this job required heavy equipment and a specialized crew of iron workers. 

Not only is work being done to replace the conveyor, but recovery from the loss of the two buildings which burned down resulting in the loss of maintenance tools and equipment is being performed.  A new truck weighing scale is being installed.  All indications are that maximum effort is being placed in getting the plant operational.

An ironic twist of fate was that the last government permit allowing for operation of the plant arrived at the office of the plant operators on the day of the fire.

The good news is that no one was hurt due to the incident and I was told to inform you that the cats, C-clamp and Parts-room are doing fine although they were disturbed by all the smoke and activity.

Glen Zane, the operator of the plant says "Our intent is to start boiler testing this week as planned.  The scales are in place and the electronics for them will be installed next week. About 1/2 the conveyor damaged in the fire is in Redding at the steel fabricator's shop being rebuilt."

Iron workers atop the towers cutting the conveyor section loose.

Iron workers high atop the tower cutting the damaged section loose.

This is a job I'm glad I don't have! (editor) These guys are good.

The new truck scale being installed at the entrance.

The new truck scale being installed

From all appearances, Big Valley Power is wasting no time to recover from the unfortunate incident which was a letdown to all.

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