Lumber Milling coming back to Big Valley

Bieber CA. July 2006
Copyright 2006 Big Valley

There have been rumors that the lumber mill in Bieber, also the site of Big Valley Power, will resume operations soon.

Glen Zane, the operator of Big Valley Power has confirmed that mill equipment is presently being located and purchased and that some equipment is already at the Bieber site. Mr. Zane hopes that operations will begin in the first quarter of 2007. He expects that the mill will employ 12 or 13 people in addition to thos already employed by the power plant.

It's not to be as large as the old mill which closed in 2001 employing about 60 people, but it is a fine effort.

Mr. Zane, of Redding, has shown continued support of the community in Big Valley by investment in restoring the operation of the Power Plant and now, a working mill. He is often seen in the area for events and was most recently at the Big Valley Days celebration in Adin where he showed off his beautifully restored 1939 Ford Pickup Truck.