The great train wreck of 2005

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At about 5 PM Friday, January 7, 2005 a train derailed about 2 miles away at Nubieber.  The line is Burlington Northern / Santa Fe.

These pictures were taken one week later.

A view of an engine involved in the derailment.  This is probably the most severely wrecked engine. It is lucky noone was killed.

Front view of the engine which was the most wrecked.

Another engine with the  wheels misplaced.  The entire drive mechanism from this one is missing.

A general view of the wreck site at the Nubieber yard.

A dirty engine which did not sustain much damage.

A tipped over freight car. Looks like wheat or some kind of grain.

A pile of ties and an open pit where there apparantly was a fuel or chemical spill.

Some minor damage on  an engine.