Modoc Candidates Night at Lookout, 2010

All 8 candidates at the tables speaking to the 28 or so citizens.

Candidates night at the Lookout Fire Hall

Lookout Fire Hall, May 11, 2010

The Big Valley Chapter of the Tea Party organized and sponsored a candidates night at the Lookout Fire Hall tonight.  At least 26 citizens attended this local candidates meeting which shows quite a high interest in local government for such a small population.

The meeting was sponsored by and moderated by Norah Harper and the Tea Party. Although we were forced to sit for over 2 hours without a break, most of the audience remained interested both in listening to and questioning the candidates.

To give a detailed report of what was said is beyond the scope of Big Valley News. Below is a list of (and picture of) each candidate with a convenient link to their own web page. Every candidate agreed that Modoc County Government is broken and all were well aware of the financial crisis Modoc County faces.

As usual, the subject of  conceiled weapons permits was high on the list of citizen concerns. The issue of double taxation on dump (garbage) fees was questioned as well as the other major Modoc item of interest, the fate of Modoc Medical Center.

The Tea Party, a newly formed "grass roots" political party supports "education on candidates running for office" and they did a great job in organizing this event.

Lassen County residents will have a candidates night on May 26 at the Bieber Memorial Hall.

Gary Palmer for Sheriff

Stacy Callaghan for Sheriff

Chris Brooke for District Attorney

Dave Misso for District 5 Supervisor
No Website

Alice Mars for Auditor
Could not attend due to illness.
No website but see THIS ARTICLE

Mike Poindexter for Sheriff

John Lawson for District Attorney

Darcy Locken for Auditor

Geri Byrne for District 5 Supervisor