Jr. Pheasant Hunt

for the Ash Creek Wildlife Area

to be held September 17, 05.

Open to all junior hunters, but they must apply.

A flying pheasant against yellow and red sky.

It's time again for the annual Jr. Pheasant Hunt at Ash Creek Wildlife Area!  This year the hunt will be held on Saturday Sept. 17, 2005.  There will be 2 sessions, morning and afternoon with room for 50 Jr. hunters at the morning session and 25 at the afternoon session.

Morning session will be from 8 AM till Noon, afternoon session will be fro 1 PM till sunset.  Each participant must be accompanied by a responsible adult while hunting.  Only California licensed Jr. Hunters may participate in the hunt.

A random drawing, if necessary, will be held at 4 PM Wednesday August 30 to select 75 applicants for the hunt.

How to apply:

Read these instructions carefully!

Submit a standard post card or 3x5 index card in an envelope with the following information:

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE REJECTED, so please be careful as you fill out your card.  To be included in the drawing, your application must include all of the following information:


Groups of more than 1 Jr. hunter may apply together as a party (not more than 4 per group).  Print legibly and include all information for each hunter on seperate 3x5 index cards and enclose ALL IN A SINGLE ENVELOPE.  Mark the envelope "GROUP APPLICATION and mail or deliver to:

Mail as soon as possible.  Applications must be received at Ash Creek Wildlife office not later than 4 PM on Wednesday, August 30, 2005.  Late applications will NOT BE CONSIDERED. 

If you have ANY questions about the application procedure, the hunt or anything else, call 530 294-5824