Opening Season Football at Big Valley High School

2005 season

Big Valley Cardinals, 0----Fall River Bulldogs, 16

Cardinals in Red with white,  Bulldogs in White with Blue

Big Valley 0---Fall River 16

Football players on the field.

Bieber CA. August 31, 2005

Copyright 2005

High emotions and lack of training due to beginning of season (and projects for the Intermountain Fair) caused a game with many penalties and a large amount of back and forth movement across the field. The emotions were heightened by the high rivalry between the Big Valley Cardinals and the Fall River Bulldogs.  Almost everyone in the respective towns knows members of the other team.  Their families are close and they play other sports together.  The rivalry, usually friendly, showed itself in the game. 

On the positive side, the many technical errors and lack of consistency in the game will give coaches much to work on.  I'm sure both teams will improve during the season.

This first of the season football game for Big Valley (the second for Fall River) was played on Wednesday rather than the usual Friday Evening to allow time for the players to work on Intermountain Fair Projects.  Games in the future will be played Fridays.

This first game was not a regular game as Big Valley is affiliated with Evergreen Football League and Fall River is in the Shasta Cascade Small Schools League.  It has been known as the Fair Bowl for some time on accound of it's closeness to the Intermountain Fair.

The football field, taken from a high obsewrvation point, with the sun sett over the distant mountains.

Th night became somewhat cool!

The game started off late afternoon when it was warm, but as the evening progressed, those spectators without jackets or sweaters began to feel the cold.  Winter is getting close!

Cardinals team member Jack Senseney #21  ,had several great runs and good running was also done by Sean Hudson, #28 and David Cavnar, #20.

A player in Red, on his face with a referee assisting.

Matt Dowell was down for a while with cramps.

Much thanks for the assistance in writing this article goes to Lem Nosbig of Fall River and the game announcer, John Legerton. Thanks, (editor)