Responses about Big Valley Days 2007 to be in Adin

The reason we are holding this years event in Adin again has nothing to do with precedence or rivalry. It is a simple matter that  the construction may be finished, the lawn, if replanted by thenwould be damaged by foot traffic which we cannot control. It is the consensus of the committee save for one that it be in Adin again this year and Bieber next year. This will give the park a chance to heal and the grass to fill in.

 It's a lot of work and takes volunteers hundreds of hours of time and lots of energy, so the people attending can have a great time. In short we can use your help. Feel free to call Paula Copp at 299-3300 to volunteer to help out this year.

Thanks for helping to make Big Valley Days a super success.

Paula Copp
President(Big Valley
Days Committee)

Dear editor,    

After reading your aticle about BV Days, being changed to Adin this year.  It sounds as though every one in Adin voted against everyone in Bieber to have Big Valley days in Adin.  We have a committee with people from Adin, Bieber and Lookout.  It was there decision to change because of the conditions of the grounds at this time.  It is no ones fault nor should the blame be put on any one person it was voted on and this was the outcome.  So lets get on with it and work together as Adin may have a problem some year and Bieber  can have it 2 years in a row.  These things happen.  I hope everyone will continue to help and volunteer to help keep BV Days going as it is something that most look forward to. 

Donna m. Monchamp