Response to article about youngster's fire injuries.

Hey there,

I do appreciate your reporting the news of Big Valley and the arson fire at Ethel Dowell's is no exception. The pictures of the little boy who was injured are quite shocking and upsetting and I never wish to see any child hurt in this way.

You reported that there will be an assembly at the school's to inform children what can happen when you play with fire. That is great and I am sure some kids do need a reminder but what about the fact that these "bright boys" were trespassing, vandalizing and commiting arson. I think first and for most those criminal behaviors should be addressed!

Yes it is sad that these two kids were scared and burned. But what about the elderly woman who owns the property that was damaged or the fact that her home could have been in danger if the fire fighters were not quick in responding? What about the  parents responsibility to know where there children are and financially responsible for their children's criminal acts.

Please withhold my name because......

Thank you

Editors Notes:

Your name has been withheld according to your request, it was signed when Big Valley News received it.

Your views about parents responsibility do reflect the response of many in this community! I must point out that in my conversations with people, when I stated that most boys do act like this, the conversation always led to descriptions of what they did when they were children, fire, explosives etc.

The Biblical lesson of "Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone" is applicable here. This does not imply that we should be silent about correcting wrongs, merely that we should not cast stones. 

I will take your letter as a positive statement reminding parents about their responsiblities as well as a comment about the sins which have been committed.

Rich, editor Big Valley News.