Big Valley High School Academic Awards


Beiber CA, TuesdayMay 17, 2005
Copyright 2005
The almost complete group photo of the winners standing in three rows.

The winners and their names and recognitions below.

Top Row:

Talor Fulfer, (NHS)
Micheal Steffens (NHS)
Dustin Leventon (NHS)
Chris Buchanan (Physical Education and Algebra B)
Tim Crabtree (NHS and Earth Science)
Happy Hoppe (NHS, CSF and Physics)
Devon Barela (NHS, CSF, Physical Education, Algebra and Biology)
Kevin Atwood (Mechanical Drafting)
Jory Chevez, (President of NHS, CSF)

Middle row:

Alyssa Wood (NHS, CSF)
Johanna Gunnerson (NHS, CSF and Geometry)
Miale Juranits (NHS, CSF, Biology)
Silvia Moran (Perfect attendance, Physical Education, Advanced textiles and clothing)
Urania Sanchez )Perfect attendance)
Heather Sanson (NHS)
Kody Goza (Perfect attendance)


Kolten Hawkins (NHS)
Christjan Bidwell (NHS)
Daniel Branson (NHS)
Jonathan Timme (NHS)
Matt Worden (NHS, Physical Education)

The California Scholarship Federation:

Membership in the California Scholarship Federation, or CSF is fairly difficult to obtain.  Potential members must apply using their semester report card.  They must have earned at least 2 A's and one B in their most rigorous academic classes called "List 1 Courses" and A's and B's in all the rest of their classes.  This is a statewide organization and membership in our local chapter is accepted in any accredited high school in California.

The National Honor Society:

Membership in the National Honor Society is attainable by achieving a 3.0 or higher grade point average, and by earning no grade lower than average in the regular course of study.

The large audience (about 50) attending the presentation.

The audience watching was quite large.