Drunk Driver Arrested in Bieber

CHP officer making a DUI arrest

CHP officer questions an intoxicated driver.

15 Sept, 2006
Bieber CA
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Many residents in Bieber watched as a Jeep with a blown front tire screeched around corners and drove like this for several hours. Residents reported that this vehicle was recklessly driving around Bieber streets since the night before.

About 8 o'clock this morning CHP was called about this vehicle, but it was not located until about 10 AM when a car stop was made on Second Street. After a loudspeaker and siren warning, the subject finally stopped on the wrong side of the street on someone's front lawn.

Listening to the scanner, it was determined that the vehicle which was unregistered, was out of Burney and the driver, 20 years old, when arrested had no licence, did not know where he lived and only gave a name (perhaps phoney). The driver went through a sobriety test and was observed "not doing too well" and then was taken away in cuffs. The driver was not recognized as a Big Valley Resident.