Bieber Firemen Attacked During Auto Accident Medical Aid

Big Valley CA (On County Rd A2), December 11, 2006
Copyright 2006, BigValleyNews

At about 3 PM, Monday December 11 Bieber Fire and Adin Ambulance were called to the scene of a rollover accident on County Rd. A2 about 5 miles East of the Red Barn.

When emergency crews arrived they found the driver was walking outside the vehicle with minor injuries but a passenger was trapped inside the overturned vehicle, apparantly in need of some major extrication. The Fire Department crew however succeeded in removing the trapped victim without the aid of "jaws".

The rescued victim became "un-cooperative" and attacked two fireman, knocking Fireman Mick Byington to the ground and swinging at Fireman James Lilburn. Law enforcement was called in to assist. When the victim was transported to Mayers Hospital police escort was requested by the ambulance crew, both on the trip to and at the hospital. The resulting "escort" stayed with the victim at the hospital where a forced blood test was administered. This tied up the Highway Patrol who was not able to respond to another accident in Little Valley.

Suspecting drugs, a search of the vehicle, a Honda Civic, dogs were called in but no drugs were found. Neither of the Bieber firemen received significant injuries.


Conversations with firemen involved clarified that although the were hit, they did not consider this to be a meaningful attack. It was instead some instictive swinging by and injured and confused victim as he was being assisted. The firemen did not believe this was an act of violence, but the Sheriff's office and the Highway Patrol did consider it serious enough to warrant protection and escorted the ambulance crew to Mayers Memorial Hospital.