A White Easter for Big Valley

The News Hound enjoying the snow.

The Easter Bunny?

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006. Big Valley CA.
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In a particularly late snow fall, just as people were hoping for spring to come, Big Valley was hit by a snow storm.  We woke up to still falling snow with at least 7 inches in Bieber by early morning. Steady snow increased this to about 10 inches by noon.

Snow was still steadily falling at 9AM when the power went out for PG and E customers. This is the second outage in a week. Power was out for about 9 hours Monday April 10 when PG and E suffered an outage caused by a "bushing failure" on the 60,000 volt line from the Pit River plant. That outage affected almost 6000 customers from Burney to Bieber. Bieber almost lost it's water supply as the water tower almost ran dry before electricty was restored.  Bieber DID run out of water during this power outage at about 5PM, but power came on  at about 6:30 PM. Although the emergency generator for the water district is in the last stages of purchase, it has not yet arrived. Here's hoping it will be in Bieber soon so we won't have to worry about water anymore.

A tree covered in snow on a snowy field

This is about 8 inches of snow on the ground.

A pickup truck with snow plow plowing the road.

A neighbor in Bieber plows the road.

And this guy does not leave a pile of snow in your driveway!

Bridge St. in Bieber with snow.

Downtown Bieber