Youngsters start structure fire in Bieber

Firemen in yellow water down a small trash pile fire.

Bieber Fire Dept. sprays the fire.

October 1 2006, Bieber CA
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About 6 PM Sunday evening, Bieber Fire Dept. was dispatched to a "structure fire". The fire occurred at the corner of Third and Cedar Streets across the street from the Bieber Mobile Home Park.

The fire destroyed a small un-occupied travel trailer and also set ablaze a nearby pile of tires and other items. It occurred within a few feet of a

residential structure which was threatened, but firemen extinguished the blaze before much damage to the residence occurred.

The fire was apparantly was caused by 2 youngsters, either intentionally or accidently. The two younsters were injured by a reported propane explosion and were transported to Mayers Memorial Hospital with burn injuries sufficient to need medical attention.

Fireman extinguising a small smoking fire.

You can see the tire pile on the left

and the small travel trailer in the center.

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