Teacher Of The Year

Cordelia Saltzman from Big Valley Intermediate School Wins the award.

3 men present an award to a lady.

Cordelia Is Presented the award

Left to right
Carl Parks, Bieber
Cecil Ray, Ft. Crook
George Ingram, Ft Crook
Cordelia from Bieber
December 22 2006, Bieber CA
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Each year the local Masonic Lodge chooses to honor a local teacher as "Teacher of the Year". This year, Cordelia Saltzman, a teacher at the Big Valley Intermediate School in Bieber received the award during a school assembly. Mrs. Saltzman teaches 4th grade.

Each year, the Ft. Crook Masonic Lodge selects a teacher of the year on a rotating basis between all schools in Big Valley and McArthur districts.  This year, Mrs. Saltzman, a 4th grade teacher at the Big Valley Intermediate school was selected for this honor. The selection was made by Mrs. Cordelia's peers.

The award was given by Masonic Lodge #250 which used to be in Adin. Carl Parks of Bieber was Master at that lodge. The lodge merged with the lodge in Ft. Crook, who kept their name but inherited the old Adin lodge number. Cecil Ray, from Ft. Crook went to school with Mrs. Saltzman and was chosen to present the award.

Cordelia shows off her award.

Mrs. Saltzman shows off her award!