West Nile Virus Infects 2 in Modoc County

August 2006

Modoc County Health Department has confirmed that two residents of Modoc County have been infected with the mosquito carried West Nile Virus.

The effects of West Nile Virus can vary from mild flu like symptoms to severe attacks of the central nervous system. Both of the confirmed cases in Modoc County involve the more severe form. At least one of the victims was hospitalized with an original diagnosis of menengitis which was later determined to be West Nile.

Because of the difficulty of diagnosis, particularly with milder symptoms, it is possible that there are more people affected who have not had been confirmed.

Lassen County Health Department has stated that Lassen County has had no confirmed cases yet but it is reported that several horses have died of the disease.

These cases are one more warning to protect yourself from mosquito attack, particularly if you are not in good health.