Bieber Gets a Cleanup

Boys with a garden tractor posing with 2 of the 3 garbage bins they filled.

The Cleanup Guys

Left to right:
Cody Lilburn, Bryce Wheelock, Tyler Lilburn, Dalton Gutierrez and Captain Kailand Lilburn

Bieber CA., April 8 and 9, 2007
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A "Battalion of Badly Bored Bieber Boys" got together and decided that they wanted to do something fun over Spring Break from school. They leaped at the suggestion of going around town picking up roadside trash. The plan was sweetened by the offer of a garden tractor and trailer to use on the cleanup.

On Easter Sunday and Monday Bieber residents saw the crew drive up and down the streets collecting a surprising amount of trash. One needs only to walk around town to see how much cleaner Bieber is now. Over three large garbage bins were filled. Not bad for a couple of days work!

The youngsters work was strictly volunteer, they were not paid, but their parents did contribute some extra allowance money for their community service. This was a good deal for parents as the alternative would have been having a bunch of very "bored but energetic Bieber Boys" pestering them for something to do.

Congratulations boys, for a job well done and hopefully appreciated

Boys with a garden tractor and black bags of trash.

Showing off bags of trash which no longer lines the streets of Bieber.