Big Valley 8th Grade Graduation

The entire class is on stage dressed in Cardinal Red

The 8th Grade Class with Edward Richno speaking.

June 7, 2007, Bieber CA
Copyright 2007, Big Valley News

The 8th Grade Class of 2007 had their graduation in the gymnasium of Big Valley Middle School Thursday at 7 PM. The 22 graduating students dressed in Cardinal Red assembled on stage in front of an audience of family and friends.

Edward Richno and Amanda Spangle were this years Speakers which are essentially the class Valdictorians. After the hour long ceremony the class went to the Memorial Hall for the after graduation dance.

Tyler Owens, Bryer Whetstone, Rogelio Flores, Weston Cole, Nick Patterson,
Jack Worden, Edward Richno, Tyler Nunez, Tyrel Martin, Nick Carlsen, Yoli Castellanos,
Alma Garcia, Brittani King, Amanda Spangle, Sylvia Ramos, Leonor, Barba, Cheyenne, Bricker
Hailey Beckett, Katie Gunnerson, Shelbe Hunsaker, Casey Jones, Jessi Conlan

The speakers in a serious pose

Amanda Spangle and Edward Richno

The speakers in a funny pose

Get to have one Silly Pose in Big Valley News

Fun after the Graduation