Ruby Sunderman of Bieber

Wins $24,000 at Big Spin

Ruby hols up her winning check

Ruby wins $24,000

November 4, Burbank CA.
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A Bieber resident, Ruby Sunderman got a chance to spin the wheel at the California Lottery "Big Spin". The event will be televised on Saturday November 10.

Ruby had her trip to the television event in Burbank CA fully paid for complete with airport pickup and a motel stay. She, along with others eligible for the spin were first given instructions on how to dress and how to act for the big event. She took her grand daughter, Chelsea with her.


winnings came in the presentation of a check for $24,000.

Over 95 cents of every Lottery dollar is returned to the community in the form of contributions to education, prizes and retail commissions.  The California Lottery contributes at least 34 cents of every dollar that players spend on Lottery products to public education and returns more than 50 percent of sales to players in the form of prizes. Since its inception in 1985, the Lottery has contributed more than $19.6 billion to California schools out of total sales of more than $53.25 billion. Retailers win too, earning $3.4 billion in compensation since 1985