Near Fatal Big Rig Crash

A mangled wreck rests against a cliff face.

This truck did not make the curve.

November 31 (Halloween) 2007, about 10 PM.
On Highway 139
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About 10 PM on Halloween night (noone knows the exact time) a truck carrying a load of books missed a curve and slammed into a rock face. The highway does not get much traffic and who knows how long the wreck remained un-reported. The accident occurred about 10 miles South of the 139-A2 intersection near Bieber.

Adin Ambulance responded about 11 PM and found a severely injured driver. How anyone could survive a crash like this is a mystery, but the driver did sustain serious injuries. According to Dan Bause of Modoc County's Emergency Services and Adin Ambulance there was a call for an air ambulance, (a helicopter) but none were available at the time. The victim had to be taken to the nearest hospital, Mayers Memorial, by land and then land transported to U.C. Davis intensive care. Mr. Bause indicated that this area of Highway 139 is the site of many serious accidents.

The photos of the wreck were taken November 1 in the morning with men from Alturas Tow examining the wreck. As one of the men was waling on the dumped pile of books it started to talk to him. Halloween???, no it was only a "talking book", but it sure surprised him.

The truck was carrying a load of books for retail sale.

This truck is nothing more than a pile of twisted wreckage.

Tow Truck Guys Examine the wreck.

You can just make out the radiator of this smashed truck cab.

You can just make out a radiator!

How anyone got out alive from this crushed cab......

How the driver came out alive.....

The trailer wheels were upside down and no longer a part of the trailer.

More trailer pieces.