Big Valley Power Plant Manager, David Hall Assaulted

Thursday evening, June 27, 2008
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By Staff Writer Richard Patak

FALL RIVER MILLS - Thursday evening the manager of Big Valley Power and Lumber, David Hall,  was assaulted by a plant employee. Many people in Big Valley have already found out about this assault. But there are many versions of the story.

Ed Hammond out of Lookout, the alleged assailant against Hall, has so far eluded law enforcement.

This reporter talked with Hall today (Monday). He is back to work, looking healthy except for some severe face damage. That is the good news.

Thursday evening, Hammond traveled from Big Valley to the Fall River Lodge where Hall was having dinner. 

"Is David there?" asked Hammond.

He then allegedly threw a rock, which hit Hall in the face.

Police radio traffic indicated that the weapon used was a rock, but Hall cannot be certain of this as his memory (of the incident) is a bit vague.

Hall was taken by ambulance to Mayers Memorial Hospital where he was hopitalized, but he was released soon enough to attend the Big Valley's Day celebration, Saturday in Bieber.

Police radio during the incident indicated that this was a serious assault. Officers from both Lassen County and Shasta County were trying to find the suspect, but none could not locate him. As usual, in a crime such as this, ambulance crews would not respond to the scene until it was declared "safe and staged near the scene."