Light Plane Crash (Lands) near Big Valley

The plane rests in a field

September 11, 2008, Near Big Valley CA.
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Dan Miltenberger and his wife, Penny. took off from Albany Oregon Wednesday morning in their small home built aircraft on their way to the Reno Air Races. They did not make it. Over Big Vallay at 10,000 feet they experienced engine trouble and crash landed in a field to the West of Highway 139 about 5 miles South of County Rd. A2. The plane went down about 10:30 AM on Wednesday. There was enough damage to make the plane un flyable. The only injuries were some minor face scratches to the passenger, Dan.. His wife, Penny was the pilot.

The plane landed in a rough field shearing off the landing gear as it went through a fence. Mr. Ellenberger found a local rancher and told him about the accident and was told there was no problem and to make himself at home while he dismantled the aircraft and called a friend in Oregon to truck it back home.

The plane rested in a field about a thousand feet West of the highway throughout the day and night. Thursday morning the plane was spotted by a driver and a full scale emergency response by Sheriff, CHP and Calfire was started at about 8:00 AM. They found that there were no injuries except for some face scratches to the passenger and the airplane was being prepared for transport out of the area.

The only damages were to a fence on the ranch and a few scratches to the passenger.

The aircraft rests in a field with one wing down.

Dan Miltenberger works on the plane.

The propeller got bent

The propeller got a bit banged up.