Series of Wildland Fires along Susanville Rd.

Calfire fighter takies care of a grass fire.

Calfire fighter at one of the roadside fires.

Sept 4, 2008, Susanville Rd, Big Valley CA.
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About 3 PM Thursday a strange series of fires started along County Rd. A2 (Susanville Rd). At least 4 seperate fire areas between Hwy. 139 and Hwy. 299 were seen, all on the North side of the road. 

The wind speed was slow at the time so spread was slow, but the number of seperate fires kept fighters very busy. Calfire reported a total of 15 fires, most small and some burning together. Four areas about an acre in size burned along Susanville Rd. and there were some small spot fires along Hwy 139.

Flames in the grass can be seen near the road.

Fire spread was fortunately slow because of low wind.

One of the fires was near a structure.

One fire came close to a structure.

Property owners help fight the fire.

Property owners help fight the fires.

No structures were directly threatened  but one came very close to a barn. Most of the damage was to wooden fence posts. Property owners helped fight the fire with both hand equipment and tractors.

Although Calfire could not comment on the source of the fires, no mention of arson was made. Several people claim that dragging equipment from a Hay Squeeze caused sparks, but this is not confirmed yet.

Fire crews help out.

Local firecrews helped out.

This was quite a busy operation with a Calfire helicopter dropping water Adin Fire Department  and several fire crews assisting.