Must we plow this way?

Bieber residents must deal with blocked driveways!

Bieber CA. January 12, 2008
Copyright 2008, Big Valley News.

Whenever it snows in Big Valley, Bieber residents must deal with a problem which is not necessary. It seems that the County Road department blocks people in their driveways by leaving a snow birm in front of each driveway. What's worse is that these birms if not shoveled out right away will turn to ice requiring something short of dynamite to clear away.

Do people have to be blocked in this way? I don't think so. The object of snow plowing is to allow traffic to move, not to block people in. 

Don't blame the plow drivers, they are only doing what they have been told to do, don't blame the supervisor, he is going by the book but it is time to complain and CHANGE THE BOOK!

Not having enough time to clear each driveway is not an excuse. I have watched snow plows go up and down streets clearing the last 1/8 inch of snow and going over and over the road well after a navigable roadway is clear. We are not asking the plows to clear our driveways, just asking them NOT TO BLOCK US IN. They do work for us, we don't work for them.

Contact your county supervisor Dan Dahle or Big Valley News to make your concerns clear. It seems reasonable to simple go by and clear each driveway of the birm after a roaday has been cleared.

Typical blocked driveways in Bieber.