Adin Chamber of Commerce donates $10,000 to start construction of new Ambulance Center in Adin

2 ladies and 2 men exchanging a check.

Left to right:

Dorothy Campbell, Adin Chamber of Commerce
Toni Weldon, Secretary Adin Chamber of Commerce
Perry Clark, Big Valley Endowment Foundation
Dave Bradshaw. Big Valley Endowment Foundation
Adin CA, December 7, 2005
Copyright 2005

The Adin Chamber of Commerce is a Chamber of Commerce in name only.  It exists only to manage funds for an Ambulance fund serving the Big Valley area. The Chamber raises funds by sponsoring crab feed dinners and other community events.

Tonight, the the Adin Chamber of Commerce graciously donated $10,000 to the Big Valley Endowment Foundation which is earmarked to be used for construction of a new ambulance building in Adin.  At tonights presentation were Dick and Dorothy Campbell, Toni Weldon who represented the Chamber of Commerce and Katie Bidwell, Perry Clark and Dave Bradshaw representing the Big Valley Endowment Foundation.

The Big Valley Endowment Foundation was created to finance construction of ambulance facilities in Adin.  

Modoc Ambulance which supplies emergency medical services for the Big Valley Area including Adin, Bieber, Lookout and Nubieber presently has no permanent quarters to house their ambulance. One ambulance is parked inside the Adin Fire House and due to lack of room, one is parked outside exposed to the weather.  In addition, the access to the highway is restricted and can be hazardous.  The need for new facilities was recognized and a foundation was created to finance this construction. 

While $10,000 will obviously

not completely finance the construction of a new building, it represents a good start.  The negotiations for donation of property is under way and this will be formally announced when it occurs.  This money is expected to place a foundation for the building. It is also useful to leverage the dedication of more public funds from the county or state. Construction is expected to start as early as January 2006.

The financing of necessary public facilities in Adin by private donations is a long standing tradition amongst the locals.  The Adin Town Hall, where this ceremony took place, was built largely by private donations and of course some state funds.  Local lumber which was milled in town was used and also much local donated labor.  Citizens should be proud of this accomplishment which shows great community involvement in fulfilling public needs.  This reporter who recently moved to Big Valley notes that community involvement and interest does not happen in the big city.  The extremely successful town cleanup in Bieber was another example of the differences in how rural communities and city folks take care of their problems.

The new Ambulance Building is planned to house 2 ambulances inside a building and also to provide for living and training quarters for the staff.  Presently all emergency staff reside away from the ambulances and although their response time is still quit good, in the event of medical emergencies, minutes count.  The new quarters will greatly improve the safety of this community.