Adin Inn Burns Down

A burning building in the night with fire truck in foreground.

Goodbye to the Inn

photo courtesy of Pastor Ryan Harper
Sunday, December 12, 2005
Copyright 2005

This morning about 5 AM, the Adin Inn, a new Restaurant business in the Big Valley was completely destroyed by fire.

Loggers on the way to work were first to notice the flames and reported it. The fire was not able to be controlled despite many agencies who responded. It was large enough to require the response of Adin Bieber, Lookout and Canby Fire Departments as well as Modoc and Lassen Sheriff's department. The Inn is located in Downtown Adin on Highway 299 a few yards from the historic Adin Supply Co. the local general store. No other buildings were damaged.

The California Highway Patrol closed Highway 299 for about two hours and detoured traffic around the incident while it was being fought.

The destroyed building which fell into a creek.

What's left of the Inn!

The old building was built over a small creek which drains into Ash Creek.

 The burnt rubble fell in prompting the response of Fish and Game and the Forestry department.  Absorbent pads were placed downstream of the fire to prevent toxic discharge into Ash Creek.  Surprise Valley Electric was also called to the scene on account of flames damaging overhead wires, one of which dropped.

The cause of the fire will be investigated.  Modoc Deputy Ken Richards will be taking charge of the investigation.  Nothing is known about the origins, but there was a wood stove in the restaurant which was in use the night before during an annual Christmas dinner put on by the Big Valley Medical center for it's staff.  Patrons were shocked at the Inn's destruction and commented as to how nice the meal was, the Inn being Big Valley's only fine dining restaurant.

The inn, owned by Jim and Sheryl Nelson has been in the news lately and was a welcome addition to this area.  We are sorry to see it's loss.