Adin Inn, the aftermath

A cleaned up creek with no sign of damage, just clean straw on the banks

This is where the old Inn used to stand

January 2006, Adin CA
Copyright 2005

There is not a trace left of the Adin Inn which was destroyed by fire on December 12, 2005. The Inn which was built over a stream which flows into Ash Creek created quite a mess as the building fell into the stream. Cleanup was accomplished quickly.  All that can be seen now is a vacant lot, a stream bed and some straw used as erosion control.

According to Troy Swauger of the California Department of Fish and Game, "It appears there was minimal pollution into the stream. There was minimal flow of the water because much of it was frozen. We did not detect any fish kill or any wildlife harmed due to the fire."

The responsibility for the cleanup was with the property owner.

Jim Nelson, the owner of the Inn stated that it is unlikely that anything could be built on the original site due to the proximity of the creek. It was a devastating event for the Nelsons and they may be able to open something again, but there are no plans for the foreseeable future.