Fire Near 4 Corners, Nubieber

An open field with the last stages of a grass fire, firefighters and a CDF helicopter in the bacground on the ground.

The fire started by this power pole.  Note the CDF helicopter in the background.

Nubieber CA. Aug 31 2005

Copyright 2005

About 8 AM this morning a grass fire, apparantly ignited by a faulty power pole, was started.  The location was near 4 corners North of Nubieber near where the road crosses the railway tracks.

Intermountain Conservation  Camp fire fighters were first on the scene, followed by Bieber Fire and CDF units.  The CDF Helicopter was also dispatched and assisted with several water drops.

About 2 acres of dry grass burned.  No structures were damaged.

About 2 acres of burned grass and firefighters on scene.

The extent of the fire damage can be seen here.

We are looking South toward Nubieber.