Stabbing incident in Bieber

Bieber CA. October 5, 2005

Copyright 2005

A stabbing incident occurred during an argument in a residence on Third street in Bieber around 5 PM. Wednesday evening.

Adin Ambulance, Bieber first responders and law enforcement were dispatched to a stabbing incident.  As is standard safety procedure, medical aid will not be allowed on scene to any incident involving violence until the scene is declared safe by law enforcement.  The medical team "staged" in down town Bieber a few blocks from the scene and waited for clearance to arrive.  Unfortunately, no law units were available close by and it was at least 1/2 hour before the first unit, a Modoc County Sheriff's sergeant arrived.  (Bieber is Lassen County law responsibility).

Radio traffic passed information that the perpetrator had left the scene and was believed to be armed and dangerous.  The perpetrator was an 18 year old girl who was believed to be homeless but staying with friends in the area. 

Long before law enforcement arrived, the young lady was notified by friends that the police were looking for her and she voluntarily came to a neighborhood telephone and talked with the Lassen County 911 dispatcher giving a lengthy statement and explanation of the incident.  Since this convinced the sheriff's dept. that she was not a flight risk, they simply advised her to wait in the street until a sheriff arrived and then to "flag him down".

When a Modoc Sheriff arrived.about 45 minutes after the incident occurred, she surrendered to the deputy and promised to co-operate.  She was then detained by the deputy in the back seat of the patrol car without handcuffs.

According to the young lady, during an argument, she felt threatened and was not permitted to leave.  She then found a small knife and in a moment of fear, swiped the knife at her attacker in self defense inflicting very minor injuries.

The "stabbing victim" later refused transport to a hospital because of the minor nature of the injuries.

The suspect was later turned over to Lassen County authorities and it is believed that an arrest was made.

Because of the staging of emergency vehicles in Downtown Bieber for a considerable length of time, this may have sparked rumors that a stabbing took place in Bieber Park, which at this time is believed to be untrue.

This story will be updated when more details are available from the Sheriff's office.