December Rains in Big Valley

A road closed by a gate with "closed" sign and a swollen creek.

Ash Creek in Adin was full December 31!

December 2005, Big Valley California

Copyright 2005

November 7. 2005 brought us a nice snow storm.  Remember, both PG and E and Surprise Valley Electric lost power throughout the area.  No flooding then, but it sure made us uncomfortable, especially those in Bieber when the water supply ran out.

December 21 was when another storm brought heavy rains to Big Valley.  The heavy rain made for muddy conditions and caused a 60,000 volt power line from the Pit 1 Power Plant to McArthur to fail at 3 PM.  PG and E required a snow cat to get to the rugged area and did not repair the line till 11 AM.  This failure was long enough to run Bieber out of water once more.

The storm of Dec 30 and 31 brought no snow, but lots of rain for us causing local rivers and streams to rise. Most of Northern California was affected by the rains and numerous mudslides.  The flooding around Northern California

made national news.  We however avoided anything serious other than a mass of downed trees and mudslides in the surrounding counties.  No widespread power failures occurred this time.

An interesting side effect of the rain is that Steve Jackson, manager of the Bieber Water and Sewer District spent a day on muskrat patrol at the sewege treatment ponds outside of Bieber. It seems that the rising water causes muskrats to seek higher ground and dig burrows in the dikes surrounding the pond. This threatens to cause leakage into the Pit River. Steve has to hunt the fella's down and serve them with eviction papers and destroy their homes.

The Pit River and Ash Creek waters rose, but not to the levels they did during the flooding we had During May 2005. There is one more major storm predicted for the next week.  Let's hope it does not cause us harm, but in any event BE PREPARED!

Last May's high water under the Pit/299 bridge.

This is Last May's high water at the Pit River-299 Bridge.

Slightly lower water at the Pit River Bridge.

This is the water Dec 29, 2005

Not as high as in May!