Heavy Rains in May

A house near the river with flooded yard.

A house on Pine Street, Bieber near the river.

Bieber CA, May 19, 2005
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Heavy rains in the area much later in the season than normal are causing problems around Big Valley. Although serious flooding has not been reported to us, the river is about as high as it gets.  Streams in Adin were reported to be overflowing their banks, but no serious damage was noticed, at least in the town. Ranchers may experience some serious damage due to flooded fields destroying Alfalfa crops.

Fortunately the weather forecast is for the storms to stop

for a while.

Another "irritation" caused by the storms was that the night Big Valley News told about possible Aurora (Northern Lights) activity became overcast and although Aurora was seen as far south as Southern California that night, we were not allowed an opportunity to see any. Better luck next time!

The highway bridge with water getting high.  No danger yet.

The water is getting pretty high at the Highway bridge at Bieber Thursday May 19

The river just a bit higher

Friday, even higher water!

The bridge with lower water on Monday May 23 2005

And Monday, May 23, going down.

The local CDF station in Bieber maintains daily rainfall records.  They reported:

This adds up to a storm total of over 4 inches in the past month.