Reflective address signs requested by Sheriff's Office



We live in a small town and we all tend to think that everybody knows where everyone lives.  Go past the Smith Ranch and turn right at Jones's place. Not quite true any more, particularly for police and fire during a storm at night. 

Lassen County Deputy Martin confirms that it is frustrating to find addresses on emergency calls and has asked that people erect easy to see reflective signs in prominent places. Remember that law enforcement response may come from Modoc or even Shasta County deputies if no-one else is available. They need to find there way around quickly. Reflective address signs should be put up outside the towns in rural areas as these are often very difficult to locate.

Many counties and cities around the country have enacted legislation requiring these reflective markings. You are urged to AT LEAST make your address easy to find, preferably at your driveway entrance, but if it's on your house, make it visible!

Thank you!