School vandalism and burglaries in Bieber

March 13, 2006, Bieber CA.
Copyright 2005
updated March 15, 2006

It's still being investigated, but it is thought that the crimes occurred Sunday, March 12. A break in was reported at 3 locations belonging to the Big Valley School district. The buildings affected were the Intermediate school, the Old District Office which is now the Migrant Education Office, and the main High School. Windows were broken and there was considerable damage.

According to Superintendent Mark Evans, the crime took place about 2:30 AM, Sunday. about 10 windows were broken and a freezer had it's door severly damage. Mr Dutton's (a teacher) room was broken into with minor damage and some personal items were stolen. 

In addition to the vandalism, at least 2 other burglaries were reported Monday, March 13 on First and Second Streets in Bieber. A truck on Second Street was broken into and a newly installed sattelite radio and stereo system was ripped off (literally as the wires were left torn out behind). One block away on First Street, a resident reported that the panel for a car radio was stolen. The radio itself was not taken.

The sheriff's office asked neighbors if any suspicious activity was seen in the area, but no-one could supply any information. Anyone in the area who saw suspicious activity which could lead to the capture of the vandals should call the sheriff's office at 530 257-6121.