January 2006 Crabfeed

Filed tables with crab eaters.

The hall was filled to capacity (and more)

January 20 and 21, 2006, Adin California
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Once more the community of Big Valley came together at the 7th annual Crab Feed Event. This event helps finance the Adin Ambulance Service for Big Valley. 

The feed this year served a record number of people. Last year about 330 folks were served, and this year approximately 500. The event had to be split into 2 days because it would not have been possible to fit everyone into the Adin Community Center.

The Crab Feed is an annual fund raiser put on by the Adin Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber is a "Chamber of Commerce" in name only. It is solely used to collect and manage funds for the "Big Valley Endowment Foundation".  The funds of the foundation are earmarked to be used for construction of a new ambulance building in Adin.  This is the same organization which recently donated $10,000 to the Foundation at a December 7 donation celebration.

Modoc Ambulance which supplies emergency medical services for the Big Valley Area including Adin, Bieber, Lookout and Nubieber presently has no permanent quarters to house their ambulance. One ambulance is parked inside the Adin Fire House and due to lack of room, one is parked outside, exposed to the weather. Funds collected from the Crab Feed, along with the prevous $10,000 donation are to be used to build a new building and station for emergency medical services.

The first indication of the success to this year's fund raiser was seen by me as I drove into Adin to report on the Crab Feed.  The Adin Community Hall was filled to capacity and cars and trucks were parked several blocks away on both sides of Highway 299. I had to park around the corner a few blocks away.

According to Dan Bouse, Modoc County's Director of Emergency Services, last years turnout was so high that this year tickets were sold for a 2 nights feed because of the limited capacity of the town hall.  From the turnout this year they may have to expand this again next year.  Mr. Bouse states that early accounting estimates show that about $6000 profits are expected. The feed was hosted by an all volunteer staff who were very busy in the kitchen serving the hungry people as fast as they could. Friday's turnout was estimated at 180 and Saturday's was about 330 for

a total of more than 500.

For the past 3 years, an award of recognition was presented for "Outstanding Contributions to Emergency Medical Services in Big Valley".  The person is selected by the Adin Ambulance crew themselves each year to honor people who have made outstanding contributions to emergency medical services for the people of Big Valley and the surrounding area. The award is named the "Rose Lea Nelson Memorial Award".  It was presented to Dean Leventon in 2004, Dr. Dan Dahle in 2005.  This year, Supervisor Dan Bradshaw received the award.

Rose Lea Nelson, who owned Nelson's Frosty in Adin has been an active supporter of emergency medical services for many years.  Before the 911 telephone system ( meaning the 911 emergency telephone number, not September 11), in the days when there was a 7 digit regular telephone number to report emergencies. Rose was a 24 hour a day volunteer standing by her telephone dispatching medical help.  She guarded a telephone inside her business, Nelson's Frosty, and being nearby the ambulances, could actually run across the street and keep things moving.  She was described as a combination Cheer Leader, Den Mother and Coach.  She used a stopwatch to time responders on emergency calls.  Rose died 10 days before a Crab Feed she was instrumental in organizing.  The Memorial Award was named in her honor.

Dean Leventon received the award in 2004.  Mr. Leventon is a long serving Medical First Responder living in Lookout. In 2005, Dr. Dan Dahle, our local physician at the Big Valley Medical Center, received the award.

This year, the Rose Lea Nelson award was given to Modoc County Supervisor Dave Bradshaw.  Dave has been a hard worker and supporter of not only this Ambulance Fund, but been active in public service for many years.  

Dave Bradshaw getting the award.

Supervisor Dave Bradshaw, winner of this year's award.

with Dan Bouse on the right

2 of the cooks in red aprons posing in the kitchen.

2 of the cooks, Jay Richno and Carl Richno

editor's note:

Being fairly new to Big Valley, I continue to be amazed at the great community spirit and self help that I see in Big Valley.  For you who have lived here and taken part, I commend you. For you who have not taken part, I ask you to consider doing so. For newcomers to the Valley, particularly from big city areas, take a lesson for the locals and join in, use your talents and skills.  Become an active citizen.  The rewards are great!