Fire Safety Training By CDF

Bieber Memorial hall with students at tables watching a presentation using computer generated presentations.

Private contractors learn about fireline safety.

Memorial Hall, Bieber CA. March 17, 2006
Copyright 2005

Both state and federal wildland fire fighting agencies hire private contractors to assist in fire fighting. Dozer operators, supply truck drivers, repair crews and others not directly involved with fire fighting are called upon to enter areas which are in or near active fires. Every person who has the potential to be exposed to a wildland fire is required to attend an intensive training course about fire safety and survival.

8 trainers from CDF, Forest Service and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) met with about 20 contractors at the Bieber Memorial Hall this Friday. They attended a safety class for 8 hours of training required by law for all persons on contract who may be exposed

to wildland fire danger. Most of the day was spent learning about how not to get trapped, how to detect and escape and learning communications and procedures used by firefighters. 

An important life saving device used a last resort in case of fire entrapment is an insulated foil covered survival bag which will protect a person and keep enough safe breathing air to survive if trapped. Each student was required to practice using this device which weighs about 4 pounds and is always carried with them. The intent is to be able to unpack the bag, climb in and get into a ground hugging position with a goal of about 30 seconds. This was the fun part after a day of listening to lectures.

A man putting on an aluminum fire protectiion sheild while being watched by a trainer.

Isaac Thornton from CDF in Susanville watches a a trainee attempts to get into a fire protection "bag"

What looks like an aluminum foil caterpillar is a man inside the Fire Protector

This is what you should look like when the fire arrives!