Local Fire Departments get Wildland Fire Training

We see several students from

Trainees get classroom instruction

Canby CA, April 14, 2007
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The California Fire Chief's Association is conducting training in wildland firefighting. Local departments, including Bieber, Lookout and Adin have sent firefighters to this comprhensive introduction to wildland fire techniques.

The Canby Fire Department is acting as host this year, offering their facilities as a classroom. The Ladies Auxiliary from Canby donated their time and effort in preparing meals.

Instructor Rob Nelson from Susanville and his assistant Lenny Oriz conducted this rather comprehensive introductory course in wildland and urban interface fire fighting. The course is designed as an introductory course for new fire fighters. It stresses organization, communications, basic fire fighting skills with an emphasis on safety. The course

is a mix of textbook training along with graded examinations and hands on training using wildland equipment

Upon successfully passing the course, students will be certified as Fire Fighter Type 2 (FFT2), and their departments will be given a substantial amount of wildland equipment worth about $750

Ladies pose for a group picture in the kitchen of Canby Fire

The ladies from the Canby Ladies Auxiliary who made
it all worthwhile by serving up good grub.

Classes consist of Friday evenings and full days Saturday and Sunday. There is much book type instruction followed by outdoor field work dressed properly in wildland gear. Skills ranging from basic hose laying to being able to enter emergency fire shelters in a timely fashion are tought. In true firefighter fashion, students are treated to top quality meals served by the good ladies from the Fire Auxiliary

Yellow uniformed trainee firefighters practice rolling a hose

Proper hose rolling is one necessary skill even
though it is mundane and not exciting.