Meet or Temporary Superintendent

Bob holds a "traditional educator's apple" in his office.

Bob Watson, Temporary Superintendent

holding a traditional teacher's apple.

Bieber CA, Fall 2007
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Due to the unfortunate death of Big Valley School District's superintendent. Mark Evans, a temporary superintendent is taking over. There is a search on for a permanent replacement. 

L. Robert Watson (Bob Watson) is now serving as the big boss of the school district. Mr Watson, a resident of Redding, is renting a house in Fall River Mills to be closer to his job. 

Mr. Watson has 25 years experience as a public school administrator and intends to be with our district until a permanent replacement is found. The search for a replacement will take place nationally, the strategy is to show how nice it is to live and work in a rural school district such as Big Valley.

Bob was named ACSA Region 1 Superintendent/Principal of the year for 2000/2001and has a reputation to work "outside the box" in finding solutions to problems. He was Superintendent of the Grant Elementary School District in redding from 1997 to 2005 and superintendent for various school districts around California since 1982. He started as a teacher in Sebastapol California in 1973. His complete references and history are far to extensive to list here.

Bob Watson is also a Lion's club member and showed up at an early morning  Big Valley Lions Club meeting October 25 where he expressed the desire to join. He stressed that he wants to be involved with the community by becoming a member of various organizations.

Bob visits an early mornin Lion's Club meet.

Here Bob Watson visits with the Big Valley Lions Club.

Got this picture with your eyes closed, sorry Bob, but it is early in the morning.