Community Work Day

at Big Valley Schools

We will paint and fix up stuff at the High School.

Sayurday, August 9, 2008
Big Valley High School

Thank you Cardinal Boosters for paint and materials. Plan on meeting in the parking lot by the High School and District Office at 8:30 AM. If you have questions, call the District Office at 530 294-5266. We plan on working till 2 PM (or more if needed!)

Lunch will be provided for volunteer workers. Here is some of the stuff which needs to be done.

  • Cardinal Benches need a new coat of paint.
  • Scoreboard needs red background painted.
  • Bleachers need to be scraped and painted for both home and visitors.
  • Announers Booth needs paint on the side that's peeling.
  • District Trailer needs paint to cover water stain on back side.
  • Door by woodshop and door trim around front of woodshop needs sanding and repainting.
  • Picnic tables need sanding and painting.
  • Boosters trailer needs paint.
  • Basketball hoops behing high school need to be scraped and painted and nets need to be replaced.
  • Field goals need scraping and painting.
  • Metal shop roof which is rusted needs paint.