2010 Graduation Week at Big Valley Schools

All the HighSchool Graduates are in gowns and lined up on stage.

The High School Graduates

(not in order)

Rhea Ranee Allison King
Marie de Jesus Barba Vargas
Kathryn Elizabeth Barnett
Tierney Page Carmichael
Jessica Carillo Flores
Calie Grace Carroll-Schneider
Giovanni Esteban Chavez Flores
Justy James Chevez
Ethan Charles Davis
Edward Gilbert English
Anthony Lee Fuller
Karli Danielle Dowel
Danielle JoAnn Gallagher
Bronson Daniel Hammons
Darren James Haverty
Kelsey Nicole Hawkins
Shane Morgan Hunsaker
Ryan Dean Leventon
David Christopher Rodriguez
Lane Raye Simpson
Barbara Elaine Thompson

Week of June 7, 2010
Bieber CA.

School graduations, both from 8th grade and High School are quite an event in Big Valley. We had 21 8th grade graduates and 21 High School graduates and yet the gymnasium was packed with over 500 people. Obviously the gym was filled not only with family, but friends who have known the students for years. Once again we see how close our community is to show this much interest!

Bleachers are filled with spectators.

Not only were the bleachers filled but the gym floor was also filled with seated guests.

The week started with the High School "Baccalaureate"on Monday. A Baccalaurieate is a tradition of celebrating acadamic achievement with a religious tone. A minister or priest will bless  students.  Although the religious aspect is still there, the ceremony is largly secular where the main purpose is to recognize and congratulate students on their acheivements. Pastor John Thompson gave the religious address. Many awards and recognitions were given, including the announcement  of the Valedictorian   (the top academic achiever), Bronson Daniel Hammons and  Salutatorian (the second top achiever), Tierney Page Carmichael.

8th graders at the Memorial Hall in gowns.

The Baccalauriate at the Memorial Hall

After the Baccalauriate, a dinner was served for students and guests. This gave  everyone a chance to relax in an informal atmosphere., few wore a gown durning the meall and most enjoyed several well made albums of photographs taken durning the school year.

Balloons decorate a room with tables for a festive meal.

After the Bac' dinner was served.

Mom and son in red gown pose together.

Proud mom,( the short one) and son, (the big one).

Rachelle Nusome and Darren Haverty of Nubieber

The 8th graders had their turn with their own well attended audience of friends.

8th graders in red gowns are sitting on stage.

The 8th Grade graduates

(Not in order)
Araceli Bautista Navarro
Sharissa Marie Carwell-Cordova
Shelly Kristen Dodgen
Brett Daniel Gagnon
Cody Lee Gifford
Hunter Craig Hawkins
Cheyanne Gayle Hildebrand
Siranika White Willow Johnson
Taylor Jay King
Richard Hugh Montgomery
James Clinton Moore
Cheyene Mackenzie Morris
Alberto Ortega
Collin Troy Owens
James Richard Rishel
Isabella Louise Spangle
Jossie Marie St. John
Mathew Robert Stansberry
Benjamin Torres
Juanita Florence Turnquist
Jason Michael Williams

The following students received awards at the Baccalaureate and Senior Awards Night on Monday, 7 June 2010:

Barnett, Kathryn:  ASB Award - Student Board Representative, 4-H Length of Service Award

Carmichael, Tierney:  Salutatorian, Awards in PE, Spanish II, and Wood II, B of A Award - Home Economics Careers & Technology, and Foreign Language,   NHS Medalist, CSF Gold Seal Bearer 

Chevez, Justy:  Yearbook Business Manager, PE Award and NHS Medalist

Davis, Ethan:  Economics Award and NHS Medalist, B of A Achievement Award - Agriculture

Dowell, Karli:  B of A Achievement Award - Graphic Arts and NHS Medalist 

Hammons, Bronson:  Valedictorian, Awards in APEX, English 12, American Government, and Welding, B of A Achievement - Industrial Technology, B of A Plaque - Science and Math, B of A Plaque - Liberal Arts, ASB Award - Treasurer, NHS Medalist and CSF Gold Seal Bearer

Haverty, Darren:  ASB Award - President, Perfect Attendance Award

Hunsaker, Shane:  Art Award, B of A Achievement Award - Fine Arts

Leventon, Ryan:  ASB Award - Vice President, NHS Medalist