Big Valley Lions Club
Holds Another Crab Feed

The Memorial Hall filled with tables and people enjoying their crab.

A room full of full people.

Bieber CA, March 10, 2007
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The Big Valley Lions Club holds a fund raising Crab Feed each year to raise money for various community projects. This year, as you can see by the picture, there was full community support drawing over 200 people.

Last year's crab feed, although successful, was unfortunate in actually running out of crab making several people "crabby". Lions learned their lessons and this year no one went wanting.

Local merchants donated

merchandise which was raffled off by Lion Flora Gordon and her husband Jim from the Memorial Hall stage.

Money collected from this annual event will be used for both local Lion's sponsored charitable causes.

Flora and Jim Gordon announce the Raffle Winners

Flora and Jim Gordon announce the Raffle Winners from the stage.

8 youngsters who helped at the crab feed pose in the kitchen having fun.

These are the unsung heros of the crab feed
The youngsters who volunteered their services
to be servers and general help.

Left to right:
JT Vincent
Brittany Knapp
Caroline Knapp
Danielle Santana
Jake Lewis
Tanner Allee
Will Lewis
Jake Moore

A large part of the work in holding such an event is the "unhired help" and these hard working youngsters should be given credit. They worked hard late into the evening, past the time all the guests left and gave courtious service to all the paying customers.