Lions Club gives award for Citizen of the Year and Lion of the Year

Vivian Levanthal in front of the Memorial Hall in Bieber.

Vivian Leventon, 2006 Lion's Citizen of the Year

Saturday June 16, 2006, Bieber CA
Copyright 2006

Each year the Big Valley Lions Club selects a member of the community to be Citizen of the Year and a Lion to be Lion of the Year. The award is based on history of community service.

This year, Vivian Leventon of Lookout was selected Citizen of the Year and Bitsy McAlexander was selected as Lion of the Year.

The award to Vivian Leventon was presented because of her long history of community service. When asked what she did, she shyly answered, I don't know, I'm not a member of anything. When others were asked, I found how she contributes. Vivian is well known in Lookout as the lady who takes care of the very pretty garden located at the entrance to Lookout. She plants flower boxes around Lookout, she decorates the town for holidays, She takes care of the fire hall, regularly delivers a meal to a senior citizen and is known to offer transportation for seniors unable to drive to medical appointments in Klamath Falls or Redding. This is but a short list of her contributions to the community. Vivian was selected this year not because of membership in any clubs or organizations, but because of her silent behind the scenes activities which benefit the community at large.

Bitsy McAlexander, a Lions Club member was voted Lion of the year for her services to the Lions club by organizing events sponsored by the Lions. Bitsy put in many hours last year in organizing Big Valley Days in Bieber. This is a big event for the Valley and took many days of arranging, scheduling and publicizing the event. Bitsy and her husband are sadly moving out of state and will leave here home in Nubieber soon.

The presentation and new officer installment took place at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Bieber Saturday night during a dinner party which was attended by friends of the Citizen of the year and Lion of the year. About 40 people attended. 

Bitsy McAlexander in front of the Memorial Hall in Bieber

Bitsy McAlexander, 2006 Lion of the Year

Vivian gets her award presented by Flora Gordon

Vivian Leventon (Left) gets awarded her certificate by Flora Gordon.

New officers in Yellow Lion's vests posing.

The new officers for 2006

Left to right:
Steve Boyer, Tail Twister
Jennifer Rogers, Vice President
Debbie Boyer, Existing President
Dianna Hockett, Secretary treasurer
Rich Patak, Publicity
Flora Gordon, New President
Eugene Evans, Membership
Marian Parks, Board Member
Carl Parks, Board Member