Bieber Pool News

The Bieber Swimming Pool

The community pool at Bieber

The Big Valley Recreation District is proud to announce the pool's Grand Opening date set for June 12, 2006.  12:00 - 3:30pm

We will be holding our first swimming lessons the weeks June 19 - 30th. Applications are due by June 12th. This first session will  be for only   Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.   Monday - Friday: 9:00, 9:45, 10:30, 11:15and 12:00 .  All ages are welcome.

Levels 4 and up will be taught during the July sessions in addition to more of the Levels 1 -3.   The cost will be $25.00 per student.   Private 1 hour swimming lessons are available for $25.00 per hour.

We will again have our Free Fridays Public Swim thanks to Brian Dahle and the Family Recourse Center.  In addition to our regular programs we are excited to introduce "Bring a Buddy Wednesday".   On Wednesdays only, when you pay your $2.50 public swim fee your buddy gets in for a buck!

Family Sunday Swimming begins June 18th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm: Family or Friends (5 Swimmers for only $10.00) That is only 1$ per person per hour!!

Lap Swim, Aerobics and Senior Aerobic passes are available. These make great gifts and are very convenient!!

Come and check out our new shade structure!! Thanks to board member RoseMarie Thompson for preparing the grant which made the purchase possible.

For more information call The Pool at 294 -5977or manager Amy Putnam at 294-5338.

The Big Valley Recreation District appreciates all the  support of our pool.

April 29, 2006

Businesses and community members have volunteered services and made gracious monetary donations throughout the years to help construct and keep our Big Valley Swimming pool running.

We are so fortunate that dedicated and foresighted people enabled us to build a pool for our tiny community.  They knew it would be a hard struggle to raise enough revenue for yearly operations and maintenance but hoped that others would carry on their hard work.

During these past 12 years we have recognized the benefits the swimming pool brings to our community. Vital swimming skills for children, exercise and therapy for seniors, fun and relaxation for families and entertainment and socialization for children are just some of the rewards. Communities in our county and other counties are

fighting to promote and encourage support for their own local swimming pools.

We have run many programs encompassing all dynamics of the community. Baby and Me, Senior's Swim, Public Swimming, and swimming lessons are all ran with quality supervision, and support physical activity for all walks of life.

Unfortunately, even with all these programs and gracious donation from "Pennies for the Pool" we have run in the red each year. We have had to use money from one of our savings accounts. We never touch grant money or the money from pool tile sales. We pay our first year guards minimum wage. Our manager donates numerous hours and our board oversees everything, fundraises and meets monthly with no compensation. That is how dedicated and viable the pool is to us.  

We have never touched the grant money slated for the building of the pool house. Unfortunately we have lost large amounts of grant money because it was not used in a timely manner. Which leads us to another concern; we had the Cheney foundation very generously donate$ 25,000 ten years ago. This money was to go toward the pool house construction.  After years of design problems, overpriced bidding quotes, septic and sewer misunderstandings we have yet to begin construction.  The Cheney foundation is therefore asking for its donation returned by the end of March 2006 due to the lengthy laps of time.

In addition to our much needed Pool House, the pool is 12 years old and the entire floor of the pool needs resurfaced. This too is expensive.   

We need dedicated community members to acknowledge the services our pool provides and again step forward and help. We may need to propose an initiative on the ballet for a once a year property tax. The pool has employed many people, taught lifesaving skills, and has established a fun and safe environment for summer exercise. It has proven itself as a viable service to the community and needs the same support and dedication as many of the other county services.  

The Big Valley Recreation Board which oversees the pool meets at 5:00 pm the second Thursday of each month. Please come to a meeting and voice your concerns or volunteer to help save our pool.

 It would be a shame to loose something communities all around us would love to have and let all of the years of hard work be for naught.