Big Valley Class Reunion

The 1949 Big Valley 33d grade class

3rd. Grade Class 1949, Bieber Elementary School

Saturday, May 3, 2008
Big Valley Intermediate School Gym (Bieber)
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A Class Reunion dinner will be held Saturday evening at the Big Valley Intermediate school gym. Doors open at 4, dinner at 6 PM.

The picture above is the 1949 third grade class picture. Apologies for name misspelling or mis-identification.

Bottom Row

  • ??
  • Sylvia Backlund
  • Merle Jean Leonard
  • Patty Moore
  • Carol Holl
  • Arlene Clark
  • Marabel Roufs
  • Pauline Hogue
  • Glenda Gerig
Middle Row:
  • Bev Jones
  • Mina Babcock
  • Joy Still
  • Kenny Morphew
  • Buddy
  • Helen Grey
  • Judy Reynolds
  • Arlene Wards
  • Alaris Wards
Top Row:
  • Troy Avery
  • Loren Preheim
  • Paul Hogue
  • Bob Stieger
  • Jerry Mortensen
  • Chas Babcock
  • Dave Hufford
  • John Klein
  • Orville Simmons
  • Mrs. Harbert

A letter to the class from Nadine Harbert

April 10, 2008

Dear Class

I think that I have been to every class reunion since it's inception and to think that I will miss this very special one makes me so sad.

I have your third grade class picture and look at it from time to time and remember most of the class and with great fondness,

One special little fellow is missing from the picture------he must have been absent that day----- but I do remember soooooo well. Can you guess who? J.C. Moore! And then I have had the pleasure of seeing several of you through the years including J.C.

Two children come to mind that are no longer with us (that is two that I know of and they will be missed today) and that is Judy Reynolds and Merle Jean Leonard.

I still have in my possession some little momentous that the class gave me since I have that huge sentimental streak

Again my regrets, It would be so nice to visit with each of (you) . With luck, we will have that opportunity in the near future and I emphasize that word, "near" !!!!

With love to you all, Nadine Harbert