1st Annual Big Valley

Senior Picnic at Willow Creek

Secior Citizens of Big Valley pose at the camp grounds.

Too many to identify, how many do you recognize?

July 19, 2008, Willow Creek Campground (on Hwy 139)
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Laurie and Rodney Manning operate the Senior Nutrition Center at the Bieber Memorial Hall. Lassen Senior Services out of Susanville provide lunchtime meals and a place for social interaction on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Nutrition Center is available for all Big Valley Seniors.

Laurie and Rodney love their clients and they decided that a real picnic would be a great experience for the seniors so they organized a picnic barbecue.

Saturday was a beautiful day (except for the slightly smokey skys) and those who could drive or work helped out by transporting tables, chairs and lots of good food so those who are less able could enjoy a good outing.  Rodney barbecued a selection of meats and Laurie served this with good salads, a desert and a special treat, a birthday cake for Eugene Evans who turned 39 that day.

We'd sure love to see more of you seniors next year, says Laurie. So mark you calendar for July 2009.

Rodney, Laurie and daughter Morgan organized this picnic. Here they are with a BBQ grill.

Rodney, Laurie and daughter Morgan

Eugene blows out his candles.

We could not buy enoug candles, but Eugene blew these few out.