Lassen Senior Services Responds

To management shakeup of September 2005

September 29, 2005
Copyright 2005

Lassen Senior Services, the agency responsible for supplying meals and transportation for Big Valley Seniors responded today to several news items in local news outlets including Big Valley News.  The original article in Big Valley News entitled "Angry Seniors at Senior Nutrition Program lunch in Bieber after change in management"  sparked much controversy in the area and news articles also appeared in the Mountain Echo Newspaper and in Lassen County Times.

Big Valley News welcomes this response and hopes that this will help defuse a battle which seemed to be mostly one of personality  conflicts.  Bringing both sides of the issue to the press can only be productive as no public institution should be immune from scrutiny.

The bottom line is that seniors meal services were suspended for less time than was originally expected, hopefully due to an active press.

The Response:


1700 Sunkist Drive

Susanville, CA  96130 530-257-2113

September 30, 2005

Lassen Senior Services is a non-profit organization that provides services to the senior sector of Lassen County. Programs are implemented in Bieber, Doyle, Susanville and Westwood. It is governed by a Board which consists of 4 Officers and 7 Board Members with representation from each of these areas. This Board makes any and all decisions regarding the operation of these programs. Diane Grose was hired by this Board as Executive Director to oversee the daily management of the Lassen Senior Services.She carries out this Board's directives.

Recently there have been a series of articles pertaining to the actions taken by the Lassen Senior Services Director (Diane Grose) in the Bieber area.  These articles which were in the Lassen County Times,  the Mountain Echo papers and accused Diane Grose of making decisions pertaining to the operation of the program in Bieber.  These decisions were made by the Board of Directors only and given to her to implement.  Had Diane failed to do as the Board directed her, she would have been subjected to termination.

Due to recent funding cuts, decisions to reduce staffing in the Bieber and Susanville sites were necessary.  As to the transportation issues, we are not reducing any current trips that are being made.

Lassen Senior Services Board of Directors would like it to be known that we stand fully behind Diane Grose. Diane and this Board have at no time indicated that the Bieber site was to be closed. 

(editor's note:  Not quite true, although it was never stated that the site would be closed, the official policy statement did say that congregate meals at the Bieber Nutrition Site would be temporarily suspended effective 9/15/2005 until a Site Manager can be hired.  See INFORMATION CONCERNING SERVICES IN THE BIG VALLEY AREA )

Lassen Senior Services Board of Directors hopes that this will help with any misunderstandings. We are available for any comments, complaints and/or suggestions that would benefit this much needed program for the seniors of Lassen Co.  Also,  please  note that our Board meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Contact Lassen Senior Services at 257-2113 for a list of Board Members who will be glad to assist you or for dates of Board meetings.


Lassen Senior Services Board Members

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