Golden Gate Star Party

to have a PUBLIC NIGHT

where all are invited

June 30, 2008, Adin CA
Copyright 2008, BigValleyNews

A reminder, as posted in Big Valley News in December 2007, an amateur astronomy group will be visiting Adin for their annual star gazing party.


As a gift to the community, they will have one night open to the general public.

Their website is at

Public Night:

Every year TAC offers its hosts a night for their community to join us and observe through our telescopes. This "thank you" goes back to our early days at the Mount Lassen Star Party. The public will join us beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday July 5 and ending at 1 a.m. July 6. This part of the star party is always the most fun and rewarding.


The site is located on the Frosty Acres Ranch. off Bassett Rd. Basett Rd. runs between County Rd. A2 (Susanville Rd.) and Hwy 299. The ranch is closest to Road A2 and is about 1/2 mile from there. You can get there either from Hwy 299 or Road A2. There will be lots of signs.

Since light will spoil viewing, visitors are asked to follow these directions:

A special request to Bieber and Adin residents:

It would be really nice for everybody in town to turn off all exterior lights so we can have extra dark skys between July 2 through July 6. This will help.


Last summer, a small group of amateur astronomers discovered something wonderful in Adin—some of the darkest skies, best astronomical observing conditions, and nicest folks in the United States. This group was from an amateur astronomy organization called The Astronomy Connection (or TAC for short), which is one of the premier astronomy groups in Northern California. TAC organizes a major observing event called The Golden State Star Party (GSSP) every summer, where astronomers from all over the country can congregate and enjoy amazing celestial sites under dark, pristine skies. After discovering the exceptional quality of the skies over The Big Valley, the GSSP organizers decided that this was the ideal place to hold this event, and found the perfect site on the Frosty Acres Ranch owned by the Albaugh Family. The Albaugh’s were very supportive of the idea and graciously agreed to allow the GSSP to be held on their beautiful property. A warm reception and much-appreciated support from all over the local communities soon followed as plans progressed to bring GSSP to Adin.

The 2008 Golden State Star Party will be held on July 2 through July 6, and will host 250-300 amateur astronomers eager to camp out under the stars and explore the heavens at a site with exceptional viewing conditions. Under the amazing Big Valley skies, with a multitude of daytime attractions and sights to see in this beautiful area, and with friendly folks and local businesses providing support and supplies for this large group, it is destined to become one of the finest major star parties in the country. Complete information about this remarkable astronomy event can be found on the official Golden State Star Party website at

The organizers of GSSP 2008 appreciate all that the Albaugh’s and the other members of the Big Valley communities have done to help make this star party a success. As a heartfelt “thank you”, GSSP will be opened up to interested members of the local community from 7:30 PM to Midnight on Saturday, July 5. This educational and family-friendly “Public Night” will be free of charge and will give our hosts and new friends in Adin, Bieber, Nubieber, Lookout, and the surrounding area a marvelous opportunity to meet some avid, friendly astronomers who can answer questions about astronomy and share views through their telescopes of some of the incredible celestial objects in the beautiful night sky over Adin.

The Golden State Star Party extends its full appreciation and thanks to the local communities. Big Valley residents are indeed fortunate to have such a marvelous night sky overhead—a treasure that fewer and fewer people are able to experience in the light-polluted modern world. Join the astronomers at GSSP on Saturday, July 5, for a unique free opportunity to take a closer look at what’s up there.

Bill Porte

GSSP Organizing Committee